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Holy Rosary Catholic School has rigorous academics coupled with realistic expectations based on each child as an individual. 
The teachers tailor the workload for each student based on what is best for that student, not what is best for standardized tests.
     -HRS Parent


Elementary Curriculum


Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten are the foundation of formal educational experiences as well as an extension the child’s first learning environment, the home.  Levels of growth and abilities of the individual child will vary among children within the group. Learning experiences will be adapted and provided for the individual child. The Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten curricula are based on a variety of developmental, social, and cognitive skill levels.  The lessons are designed to challenge all with more emphasis placed on the process, than the finished product. All aspects of a child’s development: physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and spiritual are addressed through unit themes and learning centers that provide a balance of activities. The children experience age appropriate religion, language arts, music, art, PE, math, technology, and science activities each day.  Parental involvement in the classroom is vital to the learning process.

Elementary:  Grades K through 6

Religion:   All students, Catholic and non-Catholic, are required to participate in religion class and to attend all liturgical and Para-liturgical programs.  All students are also expected to participate in programs of a religious nature that are sponsored by the school.  The core religious program is taught daily in each class.  Religion is integrated into all subject areas.  Christian values in living, loving, and serving are emphasized.  Classes prepare and celebrate liturgies such as Mass and Reconciliation, and provide opportunities for Christian action and service. Second-graders are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Parents/guardians are a vital part of this preparation and are required to attend the scheduled parent meetings.  Students who are in grades 3-6 and who have not received these sacraments may request preparation.  The principal and/or pastor should be notified in early fall so that special classes of preparation can be arranged.

Reading:  The reading is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  Journeys is taught in grades K through 6th. Phonics is emphasized in the primary grades and may be repeated as necessary in the intermediate grades. The Title I Intervention Program is currently being implemented successfully at Holy Rosary as a remedial intervention focusing on Reading. 

Language Arts:  Words their Way is used for spelling in each grade. Grammar is taught at all grade levels using Voyages.

     Click here for: Common Core English Language Arts Standards

Mathematics:  The math is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The Math in Focus curriculum is the basis for math instruction. Students are expected to master basic addition and subtraction math facts at home before 3rd grade. Students are expected to master basic multiplication and division math facts before 4th grade.

Math Facts Across Grades
  • Count to 100
  • Write numbers 0-20
1st Grade
      • Subtract and Add fluently 0-10
      • Count to 120
2nd Grade
  • Subtract and Add fluently 0-20
  • All sums of numbers 1-9
  • Skip count by 5, 10, 100
3rd Grade
  • Multiplication Facts 0-10
4th Grade
  • Division Facts 0-10
  • Recognize Everyday Fractions (1/2, ¼, 2/3, 1/8, ¾, etc.)
5th Grade
  • Equivalent Fractions (1/2=2/4, 2/3=4/6, etc.)
  • Recognize Decimals 0.01-1.0
6th Grade
  • Recognize Positive and Negative Numbers
  • Compare Negative Numbers

     Click here for: Common Core Math Standards

Social Studies:  The curriculum is aligned with the Idaho State Standards for Social Studies across the grade levels.

Science: The Scientific Process as well as reasoning skills are emphasized as the students engage in the content of the three areas of:  Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences.  Each grade will do a hands-on science experiment in each trimester. 

Science Curriculum  - FOSS, the Full Option Science System™
Fall Trimester – Earth and Space Science - Trees and Weather
Winter Trimester – Physical Science – Materials and Motion
Spring Trimester – Life Science
1st Grade
Fall Trimester – Life Science – Plants and Animals
Winter Trimester – Physical Science –Sound and Light
Spring Trimester – Earth and Space Science
2nd Grade
Fall Trimester – Life Science – Insects and Plants
Winter Trimester – Physical Science – Solids and Liquids
Spring Trimester – Earth and Space Science – Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
3rd Grade
Fall Trimester – Life Science – Structures of Life
Winter Trimester – Physical Science – Motion and Matter
Spring Trimester – Earth and Space Science – Weather and Climate
4th Grade
Fall Trimester – Life Science –Environments
Winter Trimester – Physical Science – Energy Waves and Wave Information
Spring Trimester – Earth and Space Science – Solids, Rocks, and Landforms
5th Grade
Fall Trimester – Life Science – Living Systems
Winter Trimester – Physical Science – Mixtures and Solutions
Spring Trimester – Earth and Space Science – Earth and Sun
6th Grade
Fall Trimester – Life Science
Winter Trimester – Physical Science
Spring Trimester – Earth and Space Science

     Click her for: Next Generation Science Standards

Handwriting:  Handwriting without tears is taught to preschool and pre-kindergarten. D’nealian printing is taught in K and 1st grade.  D’nealian handwriting is taught in 2nd and 3rd grade. Students are expected to write all language arts assignments in cursive in 4th through 6th grade.

Health:  The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, D.A.R.E. self-esteem, stress management, drug awareness, alcoholism, conflict management, social decision-making and problem solving skills, nutrition, dental health, personal hygiene, and systems of the human body.

Music:  A general music class is taught each week to grades K - 6.  The Kindergarten and 1st grade classes focus on vocals.  Second grade learn handbells. Third grade learns boomwhackers. Fourth grade learns recorders. Fifth grade learns ukuleles. Sixth grade learns percussion. Music is also integrated into the preschool and pre-kindergarten curriculums.   Liturgical music is also presented. Students in grades 1-6 have the opportunity to sing in the Holy Rosary School Choir.

Piano:  Private lessons are available for piano.(Not included in tuition.)

Guitar:  Group lessons are available for guitar. (Not included in tuition.)

Art: Integrated throughout the K- 6 curriculum taught by the classroom teacher.  This is supplemented with lessons from the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho.

Physical Education:   Students in K- 6th grades attend a PE class 2 times a week. Students are required to dress appropriately and wear athletic shoes.  These are supplemented with swim instruction at the Aquatic Center in the spring.

Technology:   All students in K-6 are scheduled in the computer lab on a weekly basis. Integration of technology and computer use into the curriculum at every grade level exists for each classroom.

Computers and Internet Access: are available in each classroom, the technology lab, and the library. Our purpose in providing this service is to promote educational excellence in the school by facilitating research, resource sharing, innovation, and communication. The intention of Holy Rosary School is to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible conduct in all online activities by staff and students. All students who access the network must adhere to established purpose and rules in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). All use of computers must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives of our school and the Diocese of Boise.  The general rules of etiquette must be followed:

  • Be proper in the language of your messages or responses
  • Do not reveal personal information, addresses, or phone numbers


Click this link to go to the Common Core State Standards Initative Website:  Common Core State Standards