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Data and Testing Information
For Holy Rosary Catholic School

Holy Rosary School strives to provide a high quality academic environment for the students that attend our school. With that in mind, we assess the students on a regular basis to provide differentiated instruction. We work hard to meet the students where they are, providing what they need. Below are some of the assessments we use and how we use the data that is collected from those assessments.

Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI)

"The Idaho Reading Initiative, enacted by the Idaho Legislature, was designed to ensure that all children in the State of Idaho will master the skills they need to become successful readers. Endless research-based studies show reading skills are directly related to a child's success in school. Idaho Statute 33-1614 requires K-3 students in Idaho to be assessed as they develop critical reading skills. The purpose of the assessment, the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI), is to indicate which children are most likely going to be at-risk of failure with skills that are prerequisite for being successful readers throughout life. As is written in the statute, the state K-3 assessment test results shall be reviewed by school personnel for the purpose of providing necessary interventions to sustain or improve the students' reading skills."

From the Idaho State Department of Education Website

  • Holy Rosary School's Title 1 teacher administers the IRI as directed by the State in Fall, Winter and Spring
  • She tests Pre-kindergarten through Third Grade students
  • She use these results to identify students that need help and assigns them to small groups that have specific and similar needs
  • She sets goals for the students and then provides direct instruction to meet those goals
  • At the end of a 6 week period, she re-assesses those students
  • Students will either test out of the group or will be re-assigned and receive another 6 weeks of direct small group instruction

Click here for IRI Parent Brochure

Click here for "A Parent's Guide to Promoting Early Literacy"


Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

"Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) are K – 12 interim assessments that measure growth, project proficiency on high-stakes tests, and inform how educators differentiate instruction, evaluate programs, and structure curriculum.
Computer adaptive MAP assessments reveal precisely which academic skills and concepts the student has acquired and what they’re ready to learn. MAP assessments are grade independent and adapt to each student’s instructional level. Every item on a MAP assessment is anchored to a vertically aligned equal interval scale, called the RIT scale for Rasch UnIT—a stable measurement, like inches on a ruler, that covers all grades.
And because the measurement is reliable and accurate, RIT scores serve as an essential data point in a student’s learning plan; educators can see their precise learning level and respond accordingly."
From Northwest Evaluation Association's Website, www.nwea.org
  • Holy Rosary School conducts the web-based MAP test in the Fall and Spring of each year, testing Second through Sixth Grade students
  • Tests given are: Reading, Language Usage and Mathematics
  • Using these results, the Title 1 teacher and classroom teachers will personalize instruction in order to maximize every student’s academic growth
  • Our principal will track the achievement and growth of individual students and classrooms and help evaluate the success of our programs