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  • Phone: (208) 522-7781
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  • hrsoffice@cableone.net

Holy Rosary School Endowment Foundation


Mission:  The Holy Rosary School Endowment Foundation (HRSEF) was incorporated as an Idaho Non-Profit Corporation in 1984 to promote Holy Rosary School (HRS) and its long-term financial security.  A primary function of this Foundation has been to build a financial asset base that can provide both short-term and long-term financial assistance, e.g., development of educational programs and the payment of tuition (e.g., contribution to HRS scholarships).  Recently, the Foundation has undertaken a more energetic fund-raising effort with the goal to build an asset base that will help Holy Rosary School become a tuition-free school regardless of a family’s ability to pay the costs of a private school education.  

Foundation Assets:  As of December 31, 2017, the assets of the HRSEF have grown to $951,109. These assets are invested with Merrill Lynch (ML) and are managed by a ML Certified Financial Manager (CFM) as per guidelines established by the HRSEF Board of Directors.

Benefit to Holy Rosary School:  HRSEF has built an asset base of nearly $1,000,000 and has contributed a total of approximately $195,000 to Holy Rosary School from 2010 to 2018. 

Foundation Board of Directors:

  Lyle Dolven - lyled@cableone.net

  John Therriault - john.therriault@gmail.com

  Robert Anderl -   b_b_anderl@msn.com

  Peggy Sharp  peggysharp5@gmail.com

  Gerald Dineen  dinng@Q.com

  Spencer Brookshier  sbrookshier3@gmail.com

  Andrew Slaughter - slaughter98@gmail.com

  Carina VanPelt - Holy Rosary School Principal (522-7781) cvanpelt@cableone.net

  Rev. Raul Covarrubias, Pastor, Saint John Paul II Community (522-4366)

  Marie Putnam - Honorary Member

Foundation Membership: Contributions from HRSEF members and from other generous donors have been essential to building the Foundation assets.  Annual membership in the HRSEF costs $30.00 per person or $50.00 for a family.  We encourage members and new donors to contribute more.  All monies donated, including membership fees, are tax-deductible.  HRSEF is a non-profit organization under 501(c)3 and an Idaho Corporation.  The contribution also applies toward an Idaho tax credit.

Support the Holy Rosary School Endowment Foundation by your Special Gift

  • Gift of your Time and Talent: Serve as a Foundation Board member.
  • Gift of Investments: Consider gifts of stocks, trusts, annuities or insurance.
  • Gift from your IRA: Consider donating a portion of your Required Minimum Distribution.
  • Gift of Legacy: Consider a gift from your will or estate.

 Promotional Efforts:  HRSEF supports an ad in the St. John Paul-II bulletin to promote Catholic Education in the area.  The Foundation partners with Holy Rosary School to sponsor Parish coffee hour during Catholic Schools Week.  HRSEF provides an annual grant to HRS for the Annual School Fund-raising Auction.  HRSEF conducts an annual Fund-Raising Drive in the November-December time period.

         “Contribute to HRSEF and make a difference both now and in the future.”

Foundation Contacts: For more information, please contact a HRSEF Board member.