• Address: 161 9th Street Idaho Falls ID 83404
  • Phone: (208) 522-7781
  • Fax: (208) 522-7782
  • hrsoffice@cableone.net

School Board

The school board is a group of people that advise the Pastor and Principal about policy and procedures at Holy Rosary School, supporting our Mission and Vision.

The school board meets the second Monday of the month at 2:00 PM.


Father Raul Covarrubias, Pastor (non-voting)

Carina VanPelt, Principal (non-voting) cvanpelt@cableone.net 

Andrew Slaughter, Chairperson slaughter98@gmail.com

Jake Murray, Vice-chairperson jakemurray83@yahoo.com

Aishie Lindula, Secretary  naaishie@gmail.com

Alexa Stanger astanger@theartmuseum.org

Greg Stoddard gstoddard77@yahoo.com

Dan & Jenni Garren dgarren83401@yahoo.com

Leona Kelly, PTO President  leonakelly@gmail.com



2017/2018 Class Ambassadors:
(Class representatives that parents can ask questions of.)

Preschool/PreK - Bryce Kelly leonakelly@gmail.com
Kindergarten - Mike Farnsworth michael.j.farnsworth@gmail.com
1st grade - Jake Murray jakemurray83@yahoo.com
2nd grade - Agata Zalupski sproketino@gmail.com
3rd grade - Alexa Stanger astanger@theartmuseum.org
4th grade - Jodi Bright (Also, PTO treasurer) jodibright95@gmail.com
5th and 6th - Aishie Lindula naaishie@gmail.com