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Uniform Information

You have two great options for ordering uniforms online. Both give a percentage back to the school. Both will embroider our logo on your items.

Click the links below to shop our school catalog at Lands' End or French Toast.  



Classy Threads at 1359 Northgate Mile here in Idaho Falls will embroider your Mass Sweater. Call them at 524-3346 for pricing information.


Dress Standard

It is the intent of Holy Rosary School to provide for our children and adults a safe educational environment that is conducive to learning and growing in our Catholic faith.  A school dress code compliments the teaching of order and discipline, provides for a less distracting environment, and builds a sense of teamwork. Students MUST be in uniform every day unless it is a school dress down day or for a special approved day.  Compliance with the dress standard is mandatory. Students are expected to arrive at school clean and neat in appearance, wearing approved clothing and colors. Parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing when needed.

Mass Day Uniform

  • Girls Bottoms:  Navy or approved plaid skirts or jumpers (Land’s End =Classic Navy Plaid; French Toast=Blue Gold Plaid) – no shorts
  • Solid color tights that are navy, white or pale blue
  • Girls Tops:  White collar shirt and Navy Holy Rosary Logo Sweater (vest, cardigan, or v-neck)  
  • Boys Bottoms:  Navy dress pant – no shorts
  • Boys Tops: white collar shirt and Navy Holy Rosary Logo Sweater (vest, cardigan, or v-neck)
  • NO sweatshirts

Regular Day Uniform


  • Color: Dark Navy blue or approved plaid skirts (Land’s End = Blue Gold Plaid; French Toast=Classic Navy Plaid)
  • Cotton or cotton/poly blend: dress or corduroy pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers, or skirts
  • Leggings are not acceptable as pants
  • Shorts, skorts, jumpers, and skirts must touch the knee
  • Shorts are approved in September and in May
  • Levi, jean, denim materials, cargo style and other colors are NOT approved


  • Color: white or light blue - cotton or cotton/blend
  • Collar: buttons at the neckline
  • Sleeves:  long or short sleeved: sleeveless is NOT approved
  • Sweat shirts, cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, and sweater vests may be crew or v-neck
- Colors: solid navy, white or light blue in color.
- Other colors and Logos are NOT approved
- The navy blue, Holy Rosary Logo sweatshirt is approved

Shoes, socks, and belts

  • Shoes should be sturdy, support the foot well, and are primarily black, brown, white, grey, or navy with solid flat, no heels
  • Sandals, bright shoe laces, lights and roller blades or heely shoes are NOT approved
  • Tights or matching socks must be worn.  Colors should be solid: white, navy, or light blue
  • Belts should be black, brown, or navy


  • Jackets and sweatshirts worn for outside warmth must be removed while inside the classroom
  • Snow boots must be exchanged for shoes while inside the classroom
  • Hats, gloves, and snow pants are recommended in winter


  • Students must arrive at school clean and neat in appearance
  • Shirt tails must be tucked in
  • Clothing must be the correct size and in good repair
  • Hair accessories should color coordinate with the school colors
  • Hairstyles should be neat, conservative, and reasonable length.  If children choose to chemically color their hair, a natural color must be used
  • Cosmetics and jewelry with the exception of a small neckline cross and non-dangle delicate earrings are strongly discouraged.

Dress-Down Day

  • Clothes should be appropriate, clean, modest, and in good taste for a Catholic School
  • Shorts, pants, jeans, and shirts must be without holes, frays, or patches
  • Leggings are not acceptable as pants
  • Shorts and jeans must be worn at the waist
  • Shirts must have appropriate logos

The administrator will make final decisions regarding apparel, hair, or accessories considered inappropriate, dangerous, or distracting from the learning environment.